One missed Call

Yumi Nakamura, a young psychology student whose friend Yoko gets a strange voice message on her cell phone. The message is dated two days in the future and Yoko can hear herself screaming in it. After Yoko mysteriously dies, her death sets off a chain of events which leads Yumi to discover that this phenomenon has been occurring throughout Japan long before Yoko received an alarming call from her future self. When Yumi receives a call with the date and time of her death, she struggles to save herself and learn the truth behind the calls.

Bunshinsaba vs Sadako

Chinese horror movie about three sisters in the same bedroom that are often humiliated by their schoolsisters. In order to retaliate, they send them a cursed video. However, once the death video is turned on, the sisters can not escape the curse and one of them died. The two remaining sisters decided to ask the pen fairy to help deal with the curse, but unexpectedly brought in another powerful evil spirit. No English subs, unofficial horror movie.